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Aug 19, 2024 - Sep 20, 2024

RISE - Kickstarter program for first-time leaders (cohort-based)


Whether you want to improve your leadership skills, build stronger relationships with your team or better understand what it takes to succeed as an emerging leader, my programs have you covered. My online training programs are tailored to emerging leaders like you, regardless of industry or background. Here's how you can benefit from my programs: 1. CUSTOMIZED LEARNING PATHS Do you want your all-round carefree leadership package? Do you want to strengthen your skills and leadership superpowers with like-minded people? Here is your ultimate learning path! Explore the basics of leadership in over six hours of inspiring online content and engage with everyone in live sessions. This allows you to reflect on and refine the knowledge you have acquired in dialog with the group. But the highlight is still waiting for you: In addition to the live sessions, you will receive 3 exclusive individual coaching sessions and 2 coaching sessions in small groups. This is your chance to reflect under professional guidance, consolidate what you have learned and perfect your leadership skills. 2 . PRACTICAL INSIGHTS AND WORKSHEETS My courses are designed to be practical and actionable. You will gain insights that you can immediately implement in your new role as a leader. Interactive worksheets accompany the content and allow you to apply what you learn to real-life situations. 3. EXPERT COACHING AND SUPPORT: As an experienced coach, I will be at your side if you need support along the way. From overcoming specific challenges to encouragement and motivation, our coaches are committed to your growth and success.



CHF 3’497.00


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