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What's behind the name?


(a time of rest or pause so that you can find your way better in life or a situation)

In an ever-changing world where change is so evident, the first step for everyone should be to hit the RESET button - to pause, zoom out and take a quiet look at what is, what isn't, what could be and how to get there.



(to find or regain something that has been lost or taken away)

In a world where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are prevalent, resilience and recovery are vital and when feeling overwhelmed, it is important to regain your superpowers. As an individual and as a company, it can be helpful to be clear about your own values, strengths, weaknesses and motivations.


(to think again about a plan, idea, or system in order to change or improve it)

"What got you here won't get you there." This famous quote by Marshall Goldsmith is at the core of this third phase. This is where transformation happens. It is all about reimagining your approaches, goals, or strategies for your personal career, the team you are working with or the (learning) strategy you want to develop for your organization.

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