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My offers in detail

Through my innovative approach, I transform traditional learning events into unique experiences that not only inform, but also inspire and motivate. I try to capture the pulse of the times and design educational content in such a way that it not only imparts knowledge, but also encourages critical thinking and drives personal and professional development.


My approach aims to empower you to face any situation with poise and strategic skill. Instead of being overwhelmed by the flood of information and changes, you will learn to see and use them as opportunities.


With me by your side, you will master the art of always being prepared so that you are not only one step ahead of every challenge, but master it with skill.

Image by Beth Macdonald


Training for managers in general – and new managers in particular.

Conducting courses on the topics

  • Change Management

  • Intercultural collaboration

  • Diversity and inclusion (e.g. unconscious bias)

  • Self-management

  • Mindfulness

  • Digitalization


All of these offers can be booked and completed directly online . This means you remain flexible and are not tied to a specific time or location.


There are two different variants:

  • Aa self-directed course: Anytime. Always. Immediately.

  • As a class: Together with others. Maximum 20 people. 2-4 times a year


Or as a in-person course at your company: At your place. With your colleagues. Whenever you want.

Coaching & workshop facilitation

I offer customized coaching and facilitation services designed to empower and develop individuals and teams in a world that calls for flexibility and adaptability.


My services range from:

Individual or team coaching: I support personal and professional development to strengthen skills or enhance team collaboration, whether for one person or up to 10 people.


Leadership coaching: For new leaders to ease the transition (leading former colleagues) and for experienced leaders to deepen their skills. 

Facilitation of small and large groups: Be it small teams or large groups of up to 50 people, I enjoy facilitating workshops based on collaborative approaches.


Team development: I use personality models such as MBTI or DiSG to promote understanding within the team and support development.

Strategy development: I accompany and support organizations in developing their strategy, values and culture.


I'm not afraid to leave my comfort zone from time to time.

Image by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦


Ich biete umfassende Beratung zu strategischen Themen, spezialisiert auf die Bereitstellung von Expertenwissen und die Leitung von Projekten.


Meine Expertise umfasst die effektive Führung und Umsetzung von Projekten, die Entwicklung und Implementierung zukunftsorientierter digitaler Lernstrategien sowie die Beratung von Firmen und grösseren Organisationseinheiten wie HR oder Learning & Development Einheiten. Durch passende digitale Lernstrategien, Kompetenzmodelle und Learning Journeys (Lernreisen) unterstütze ich Organisationen dabei, zukunftsorientierte Kompetenzen aufzubauen.


In addition to my services, I offer the production of audio (e.g. podcasts) or video formats (learning videos), which are designed as stand-alone productions or as e-learnings and webinars. The aim of this offering is to support specialists, companies and organizational units in expanding and improving their education and training offerings.


The content ranges from general leadership topics to strategies for dealing with change.


These audiovisual formats serve as a dynamic complement to existing training and development programs to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

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